Sarah + Sterling / New ring with new BLING [deep in the heart of Texas]

So! Here we go: This is how it went down. Sarah and Sterling. Married. Live in Houston. Ring, Ring…Sterling calls in advance and says “I want to surprise Sarah with a new larger diamond on her ring”. Sarah says “I really need y’all to take pictures for our Christmas card”. We say “oh Sarah, that sounds great”. Sterling says “I’ll give you the sign during the shoot when I’m ready”. We say “WORD, we got it”. Proceed to photo shoot of the “””””” CHRISTMAS CARDS””””””. (insert snicker) we go. Get gorgeous portraiture. Then–the sign. The new RING BLING is proposed. Sarah freaks. We get it all on camera. Enjoy shoot and have campfire. Need I say more? LOL I am blessed to know Sarah and Sterling and love watching them renew their marriage in such beautiful ways. Way to go Sterling!

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