Sneak peek! RL Skinner via jet plane!

A few shots from last night. Behold, my father! Now, this is the crazy thing. I almost have to lay out the specs for you to really understand the perspective here.
Ok…here goes.
400 miles per hour.
Shots #1-#6 go from 1500 feet ending at 4500 feet. (crazy!)
I had to blow up on these images 100% when I got home. So, the original raw image looked like a spec in the sky. To be totally honest here, I was a little unsure I even got the 4500 feet focus. To my surprise when I got home, I did. (whew!) LOL.

There are many more cool shots that I will blog. For now, my daddy wanted a sneak peek! More to come! Off to my next shoot today. Hugs!

Now…the below is a FULL CIRCLE TURN. My dad went upside down and then back around.
TOTAL TIME of this CIRCLE from my meta data on my images was 9 seconds from the 1st shot to the last shot shown here below. My dad said it was actually 5 seconds but that I probably had some delay in the 1st and last shot. Freaky huh? These were shot all in a row. I stand amazed at my lens. 70-200mm canon. 800 shutter. (for my photographer friends)

F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r